8 Weeks Until Christmas!!

Many of our members have received their October salaries and there are less than 8 weeks remaining to Xmas, for a lot of our members only 1 more payday before Xmas Eve.

Have you planned your finances and are you ready for the festivities?

If you are worried about affording Xmas then please remember, your credit union may be able to help, members can apply for a loan of up to 4 times their savings balance – less any existing outstanding loans.

No minimum amount and affordable interest rates.

You can complete a loan application on our website, on our home page in the top right corner click – Apply For A loan

All loans are subject to approval and our normal terms and conditions.

We urge all members to mention the credit union to colleagues and also family members living at the same address, start planning for 2016 whether you want to save for a holiday, a car, school fees or planning Xmas 2016.