A Happy Tail…

Sometimes we’re so busy doing our day job and delivering great service on a day to day basis that even we forget how important the Credit Union is to our members when they really need us. But then we are reminded by members like Krystyna who we were able to help this Christmas.

Just before Christmas last year Krystyna’s beloved, 12 year old family dog Bagera became seriously ill. With a family that she wanted to give a really special Christmas to this was a real blow, emotionally and potentially financially. But she knew where to turn for support, “A loan from the Credit Union is cheap and it allowed me to still have the comfort of mind that I was able to purchase Christmas gifts for my family and my savings were still intact.”

The Vet, Dr Grzegorz Domanski explained just how poorly Bagera was, “We had to operate to remove her reproductive organs. 7 days after the operations it became clear that I would have to operate again as the wound wasn’t healing. I had to use a material only usually used for muscle repair in cows and horses. After three weeks she was still sick but we persevered and now Bagera is well and feels great. In 35 years of practice I have only seen one other case like this.”

You’ll be able to see from the photographs the difference this surgery has made to this lovely family friend and we’re delighted that we were able to help this family when they needed us.

Krystyna added, “We were all so sad when Bagera got sick, she is our friend and the babysitter of my grandson. She had two operations which I paid for with a loan from The Co-operative Credit Union. Our dog got a second life. She is 12 years old and now looks like a young bitch :)”

dog 1

A Poorly Post-Op Bagera!








dog 5

A Christmas Celebration!










dog 3

With the Vet, All Healed Up!












dog 4

Back To Her Best, Saying a Big Thank You!