Building our future around you, our members

We hope you’ve noticed that the last 6 months have been a period of positive change for the credit union.  We’ve introduced the new Family Loan product, we launched the Nivo secure messaging app and we’re communicating with you, our members, more than ever.

It’s an exciting time for us as we look to grow and do more to support you and your finances.

And last month we took another step on that road as we commenced a strategic planning process with our board and management teams to set out where we want to go as a credit union and how we are going to get there.

So the feedback we received from our members in the member survey we ran last month was incredibly useful as we make key decisions about our future and how we can best meet your needs.

And what fantastic feedback it was!

For starters, over 1,200 people completed the survey in little more than 2 weeks – we were blown away by the level of engagement.

And that’s not all. When asked how likely those completing the survey were to recommend us to a friend 92% indicated they would be likely to recommend us! And our Net Promoter Score – or the number of those giving us a strong positive score, less those unlikely to recommend – was a massive +63!  Compare that to the average for UK banks of only +4, with many in negative territory.

We couldn’t be happier with how loyal, engaged and satisfied members seem to be.  It really makes all that hard work worthwhile.

But we are not standing still as a credit union and we also received some fantastic feedback on where we might improve.

Firstly, we learned that more than half of those responding have never borrowed from us, despite the vast majority having credit elsewhere, which makes us want to shout even more loudly about how our borrowing facilities can help.

Secondly, we learned that there is a broad appetite for us to develop new products from credit cards, to secure car loans and we are actively exploring how these products can be developed to meet more of your needs.

And finally, we got some less positive feedback on how easily members find it to communicate with us – while most were very satisfied, there was a significant minority who were less so.  So we’re going to focus really closely on how we can respond more quickly when you reach out and get in touch.

It only remains to say a massive thank you to everyone who completed the survey last month – we’re delighted with the feedback which is hugely valuable as we build our future around you, our members.

Just some of the feedback we received from members