Emma’s Story: Christmas Savings

christmas savings account

Opening up a Christmas savings account is easy with the Co-Op Credit Union

Last year more than 2,500 members used the credit union to help with Christmas finances. In November and December combined there were over 2,700 withdrawals from the credit union and 660 loans issued. In March, the credit union launched a specific Christmas Savings account and one of the first to open one was member Emma.

“I love Christmas and start planning the next one almost as soon as I take the decorations down. For the past few years I have saved for the festivities with the credit union but the idea of being able to separate my Christmas savings in a specific Christmas savings account from everything else really appealed to me. Now I can put something away each month specifically for Christmas, helping me budget. The savings will even attract additional income if the credit union votes for a dividend at the annual general meeting each year.”