Consolidation Loans

If you’ve got outstanding debts with one or more lenders, it could be worth finding out if a Consolidation Loan from The Co-op Credit Union could save you money.

We could help you take back control of your finances by consolidating your debts with an affordable loan, leaving you with one easy to manage monthly payment.

We’ve helped hundreds of our members get their finances back on track in this way – from helping members avoid rising overdraft fees to helping clear higher-rate loans, or outstanding balances on credit cards. Read more about real member stories here.

With no hidden costs or arrangement fees and competitive rates of interest from 16.8% on our consolidation loans, a Co-op Credit Union loan could be the way to clear that expensive overdraft or credit card bill, or consolidate multiple debts into one, making them more manageable and potentially more affordable too.

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Frequently asked questions

All loan applications are subject to our Loan Approval Policy. Members who have been declined for a loan with us in the last 3 months are not eligible to apply. We will check your credit history and assess the affordability of loan repayments by reviewing your bank account(s). We may also request additional supporting information depending upon your circumstances, such as payslips, ID documents or immigration paperwork. All lending decisions are ultimately at the discretion of our team. We always do our best to say “yes” but unfortunately that is not always possible. We will be happy to provide information about how we made any decision upon request.