Supporting co-operators during Covid

Here at The Co-op Credit Union, we care about being there for co-op colleagues and members and helping you get the most out of your finances.

In the last year, we’ve all heard so much about the impact of the pandemic on society all around the world.  But one thing we haven’t heard enough about is the brave and tireless way that co-operatives, and the many thousands of people working for and supporting them as members, have been a lifeline to communities throughout the country.

The co-op sector provides numerous vital key services from retail grocery, to funeral care and utilities and has worked on throughout the pandemic to keep society moving. And as the co-op sector has stepped up to the challenge, so we have done what we can to make sure that money worries are not a preoccupation for those with more important things to worry about.

 In March we surveyed our members on how they used our services during the first year of the pandemic, and you can read some of the headlines from that in our April blog.

But the data only tells part of the story, so we thought we’d let the members tell the story of how we’ve supported them through the pandemic in their own words:

  • “I had a house fire right before lock down and I borrowed money to help with damage”

  • “I borrowed money at Christmas to get presents for my children at a time where you want to put a smile back on the faces of children who are feeling low with all the negativity surrounding Covid”

  • “I received a personal and very professional service when I enquired about a debt consolidation loan. I was able to do everything via the App and requested various quotes to help make an informed decision. The App was used to upload ID and documents and a decision was swift with the loan monies going into my account within hours. It really helped at what was a difficult time and I no longer have to worry about credit card statements and unending interest being added. Thank you”

  • “Very handy saving monthly from wages as forget it’s happening, but needed to use due my to daughter being home from school and the extra costs incurred”

  • “When I was a bit short on funds, I was able to dip into my savings with the Credit Union. Knowing that I have this account does take the pressure off a bit”.

  • “The credit union has made it so easy to save. The fact it comes straight out of my wages means I don’t miss having the money so much and helps me to grow my savings easily without even having to think about it”.

  • “The Credit union has been brilliant, always there to help, and I’ve had a few loans to help us through this last horrible year”

  • “The quick responses in being able to transfer my savings has really helped me out. The quick turnaround of being able to access the Credit Union online has allowed us to breathe easier”.

  • “I borrowed against my family allowance to help with a costly car bill”

  • “They lent me money to provide extra care for elderly parents and I used my savings to help with father’s funeral”

It’s great to have been able to help so many of you to cope with the pandemic.  Whichever way you look at it – and however the pandemic has affected you – The Co-op Credit Union is here to help co-op colleagues and members borrow safely and affordably and to watch your nest egg grow. 

New members are always welcome here too at The Co-op Credit Union. Find out more