Credit union director keeps on running

Dave Roberts, a long standing director of the Co-operative Credit Union, is to run the Greater Manchester Marathon on behalf of Cancer Research. Many of our credit union members have suffered from cancer along with Dave’s Dad who sadly died of Cancer three years ago. This is the second time Dave has taken on the mighty challenge, he said, ‘’Last year I trained and it was the biggest physical challenge of my life. The training was a real hard slog but I completed the 26.2 miles in a time of 4 hours 9 minutes 37 seconds. It was a fantastic feeling when I finished and also the realisation, at the 23-24 mile stage, I’m going to make it. I also raised nearly £1,000 for Charity thanks to so many kind donations’.

Dave is hoping to beat his four hour record from last year, ‘I got such a buzz last year that I want to do it all again for the experience and hopefully beat, my amount previously raised for charity and, the running time. If I can break the four hours’ time it will be a massive achievement for me’.

Dave is now up to 21 miles each time he trains and with only weeks to go he has been running the 15.5 miles into form home to work.  

We say good luck Dave.

Dave Roberts