Helping You On Your Holidays

Planning your summer holiday or worried about your spending money?

The great British summer officially starts in two weeks and schools begin their annual summer break in around six weeks. 

We see increasing numbers of new members coming to us to escape the clutches of high cost payday and doorstep lenders who are often being charged extortionate interest rates.

Do not fall into the trap, if you or a colleague need to borrow money for your holidays, look no further.

Co-operative Credit Union Loans

  • Available from 11.8% APR
  • No early settlement fees
  • Potential to arrange a payroll deduction
  • Any amount considered regardless of your share balance
  • Spread the cost over 12 months while saving
  • Free life insurance on loan balances up to £5000 if you are under age 70

Alternatively, if you have paid for your holiday on your credit card or you have credit card debts you want to consolidate this is also something we can consider. 

To apply for a loan for any purpose please click the link below: 

Please Note

All loans are subject to approval.