Dave Roberts catching his breath at last!

I just wanted to say thanks very much to all of you who sponsored me. I may not have beat my target time but you all helped me raise over £600 for Cancer Research who are the real winners. It helped in those final few miles and it’s much appreciated. I was disappointed at the end but 3 years ago I would never had thought I would run one, never mind two, marathons but I’ve done it! After catching my breath I can now give a race update! The day started really well and I went through the half marathon stage in 1:59 which was bang on a 4 hour pace. Then at 15 miles I got cramp in my right hamstring – aaarrrgggggghhhhh!! I tried to slow a little. Fighting my way through the last 6 mile war zone was really hard but I was in similar company. When the 4:45 pace runner caught me I gritted my teeth and dug in to finish in 4 hrs 42 m 16 secs. Dead on my feet! I think the calf injury affected me worse than I expected so thanks again.