Dividend Payment

The Co-operative Credit Union is pleased to announce that an interim dividend of 1% of average share balances to the end of the financial year ending September 2014 was paid to all eligible members on Wednesday 17th December.

The dividend provides a good return in the current climate and reflects the requirement to balance the needs of different aspects of the business. We want to reward savers, support borrowers through affordable loans and continue to invest in the future of the organisation.

The dividend will be presented for endorsement by members at the Annual General Meeting which will take place on Thursday 5th February (full AGM details will be published separately in the New Year).

All members who have registered their account on-line will be able to view their dividend payment through our website. Members who require a paper statement may e-mail the office via credit.union@co-operative.coop or call the support office on 0845 602 3554 during office hours.