E-Moped Loan for Midcounties Co-operative Colleagues

Spread the cost of your E-Moped with a loan from The Co-op Credit Union – and enjoy £327 cashback!

Apply now for an affordable loan to purchase your SilenceUK E-Moped with the convenience of loan repayments taken directly from your wages each month.

It’s a safe and easy way to spread the cost so you’ll never miss a repayment, what’s more – you’ll also build a savings pot as you borrow.

Applying is quick and easy, giving you the cash to get motoring with your new E-Moped and benefit from £327 cashback.

Apply for an E-Moped loan now

How does it work?

1. Apply for your loan
You’ll just need a minimum deposit of £250- then you can apply to borrow the remaining amount up to the £3,325 value of the eScooter with a Co-op Credit Union loan at 19.8% APR.
(Deposit options of £250, £500, £750 or £1,000 are available).

2. Receive the cash
On approval of your loan application, you’ll receive the cash to purchase the E-Moped into your bank account.

3. Order your E-Moped
When your loan is issued, we’ll provide you with ordering details for your E-Moped.

4. Get cashback
On completion of your purchase, you’ll receive £327 cashback.

Note: As a member of The Co-op Credit union, in addition to your monthly loan repayment, you’re also required to save a minimum of £10 per month with us, which means you’ll build up a savings pot as you borrow. See the FAQs about membership at the bottom of this page.

What does it cost?

Typical Example: £250 Deposit. £3,075 loan required for the remaining cost of the E-Moped. Loan repaid over 36 months at £112 per month for 35 months, then a final month’s payment of £88.62. APR 19.8%.

Total payable £4,285.62. Total interest paid £933.62. You will also receive £327 cash back, making the total payable less cashback: £3924.12.

Note: the amount you choose to save with The Co-op Credit Union is in addition to your loan repayments, minimum savings amount £10/month.

Loans are available over a time period to suit you, up to 3 years. There are no fees or hidden costs, and no penalties for early repayment if you decide to pay off your loan off earlier than planned.

Example given is a representative example for illustration purposes only based on a typical loan of £3,075 over 36 months at 19.8% APR. All loans are subject to approval. 

Savings Benefits:

• Save from as little as £10.00 per month

• Payroll deductions make saving easy

• Savings quickly mount up – perfect for putting a bit aside for Christmas or holidays

• Plus, receive an annual dividend return on savings (subject to reserves)

Loan Benefits:

• Borrow the amount you need, from just £50

• Repay by payroll deduction

• Competitive rates of interest and higher acceptance rate than other providers

• No hidden fees or early settlement penalties

Any questions?

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about the credit union here- from how we make loan decisions to how long it takes to receive a loan, but if there’s something else relating to your loan or credit union membership which you’d like more information on, please get in touch with us here.

For any questions regarding the E-Moped itself, please get in touch with the team at SilenceUK who will be happy to help.