Join thousands of our members all over the UK already benefitting from affordable loans and savings.

Save from just £10 a month and watch your savings pot grow – perfect for Christmas, holidays or rainy days. Plus, we can save you money on the cost of borrowing with honest, fair and competitive rates on loans. Loans for any purpose, from holiday loans to car loans.

We’re also here to support members with the rising cost of living – check out our Cost of Living Resource hub for more information.

Membership is open to retired Co-op employees – as well as members & employees of many co-ops and qualifying organisations. Why not share the benefits with friends and family? – anyone can become a member of The Co-op Food first to qualify if they aren’t already eligible – see our ‘who can join‘ page to find out more).

Family members living at the same address as existing members can also join if they are over the age of 18.

Savings Benefits:

• Save from as little as £10.00 per month

• Payroll deduction* makes saving easy

• Savings quickly mount up – perfect for putting a bit aside for Christmas or holidays

• Plus, receive an annual dividend return on savings (subject to reserves)

Loan Benefits:

• Borrow from £50 to £15,000

• Repay by payroll deduction*

• Competitive rates of interest and higher acceptance rate than other providers

• No hidden fees or early settlement penalties

*Payroll deduction for qualifying co-op colleagues

Christmas Savings

How you could benefit:

  • Loans available from £50 to £15,000 at competitive rates. Spread the cost of holidays, home improvements, a new car, household appliances or other expenses

  • Consolidate debts from credit cards, overdrafts or other lenders into one affordable monthly payment, potentially saving you money

  • Payments are taken directly from payroll for co-op colleagues, so you’ll never miss an instalment. Direct debit available for other members.

  • No hidden fees or early resettlement penalties

  • Member offers and a range of support available to help you with managing your money

  • Plus, you’ll build savings for a rainy day as you repay your loan

How it works

• Because we’re a co-op and don’t have outside shareholders to satisfy, we’re able to pass on affordable loan rates to our members – quite simply, we’re run by members, for the benefit of our members
• You can take a look at example loan rates on our loans calculator
• In addition to loan repayments, all members must save a minimum of £10/month, which is taken directly from your payroll
• This means you build up savings even when you’re repaying a loan, and savings quickly mount up
• Note: All membership and loan applications are subject to approval and Join and Borrow application available to qualifying co-op employees

Want to know more?

We’ve compiled answers to a wide range of Frequently Asked Questions which will tell you more about joining, saving and borrowing.

The Co-op Credit Union uses an online service, which meets the requirements of anti-money laundering legislation, allowing us to verify the identity of new members. If you would rather not be checked electronically you can still send documentation. Please ask for details. If we cannot find out enough information about you, we reserve the right to ask for documentation.