Exam Season help from The Co-operative Credit Union

Exam season is here and if any members of The Co-operative Credit Union are living in the exam zone then The Co-operative Credit Union is here to help.

We won’t give any advice on what to say or do – this article on the BBC website confirmed how tricky this can be http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-32598711. The office team found the article very resonant, particularly the comment from Alison in Newcastle who said “As someone sitting my A levels next week, I prefer for my parents not to talk to me at all but for them to just keep feeding me”! What you do have is our very best wishes for a great result.

We can offer some practical help too. If you want to arrange a treat during exam season or a celebration when you get the results then credit union savings and loans are an option. You might also be thinking about paying for further studies and if you are then credit union loans are a simple way to support your plans. Contact the office for more details or apply on line https://co-operativecreditunion.coop/loans/. September will soon be here so now is a great time to get yourself organised.