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You can apply for a loan at the same time as joining the credit union, subject to eligibility. Membership of The Co-op Credit Union is open to members and employees of a wide range of co-ops, societies and retail organisations. See here for more details.

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How it works
• In addition to loan repayments, all members must save a minimum of £10/month, which is taken directly from payroll.
• This means you build up savings even when you’re repaying a loan, and savings quickly mount up.
• Because we’re a co-op and don’t have outside shareholders to satisfy, we’re able to pass on affordable loan rates to our members.
• You can take a look at example loan rates on our loans calculator
• All membership and loan applications are subject to approval

The Co-op Credit Union uses an online service, which meets the requirements of anti-money laundering legislation, allowing us to verify the identity of new members. If you would rather not be checked electronically you can still send documentation. Please ask for details. If we cannot find out enough information about you, we reserve the right to ask for documentation.