Join the Lottery

Lottery Rules

  1. The lottery is a private prize draw and is only open to current members of The Co-op Credit Union.
  2. The lottery will be drawn on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
  3. Members may attend the draw by prior arrangement with the Lottery Committee.
  4. Tickets will cost £1.00 each, which is the minimum purchase.
  5. Prizes will be decided by the Lottery Committee. Prize money will be a minimum of half the total revenue from tickets. The balance after costs have been deducted will be donated to The Co-operative Credit Union to be used for the benefit of members.
  6. The winners will be advised in writing and the winners’ names will be displayed in the Credit Union Office.
  7. Prizes will only be paid if winning ticket holders have paid in the full cost of their tickets.
  8. A member of the Lottery Committee and a member of the Supervisory Committee, the membership’s own “watchdog” committee, will be present at every draw.
  9. Winning monies will be immediately deposited into the member’s share account.
  10. The member’s saving account must be in credit to be eligible to purchase tickets.
  11. Any member with a loan account that is in arrears will automatically be suspended from participating in the lottery.
  12. Once an application has been received from a member then they will be included in all subsequent lottery draws, providing Rules 10 & 11 are satisfied, until the member cancels their lottery application in writing.
  13. Lottery revenue will be administered by the Lottery Committee on behalf of the members and will be accounted for separately from all other Credit Union revenue.
  14. The Lottery Committee will be elected from the members at the Annual General Meeting of the Co-operative Credit Union.
  15. Any queries or complaints should be addressed to the Lottery Committee, c/o The Co-op Credit Union, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG.
  16. The Lottery Committee’s decision on all matters shall be considered final.