Apply to Join The Co-op Credit Union

If you’re not a member of The Co-op Credit Union already, why not join today? It’s a great way of saving or getting a loan. To become a member of the Co-op Credit Union, you can save from as little as £10 per payday.

Membership is open to current employees and pensioners of a wide range of co-operative organisations. (To see a full list of these, click here and scroll to the end of the page). Family members of employees can also join provided that they are living at the same address and over the age of 16.

To join, simply fill out the form below and click on “send application form”. Our form takes no more than three minutes to complete. Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 6023554 to request an information pack complete with an application form to return by post

The Co-op Credit Union uses an online service which meets the requirements of anti-money laundering legislation, allowing us to verify the identity of new members. If you would rather not be checked electronically you can still send documentation. Please ask for details. If we cannot find out enough information about you, we reserve the right to ask for documentation.

1. Membership Eligibility

I am joining the Co-operative Credit Union because: (please select ONE of the following reasons).