Matt Bland


“Credit unions are all about solidarity with our colleagues and neighbours in financial matters. Helping one another save and borrow affordably to build our financial resilience. It is a hugely valuable contribution to society and I’m proud of my work in the sector”

I first became a Credit Union member, like many people, as I wanted a loan.  As a passionate supporter and advocate for credit unions, The Co-op Credit Union was the natural choice.  Much later, I was asked to join the Board and I thought that it was a great opportunity to use the knowledge I’ve got from working for ABCUL for the best part of a decade to help my own credit union develop and move forward.

I’m Head of Policy & Communications for the primary trade association for credit unions in Great Britain – the Association of British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL).  I manage the team responsible for governmental, regulatory and public affairs as well as media relations so have a detailed working knowledge of the regulatory, legislative and wider policy environment in which credit unions operate.  I also have extensive best practice knowledge of credit union operations and governance in the UK and abroad.

As with all co-operative societies, we’re stronger together and the more people join and use our services the better the service will be for everyone.  And because, since we’re owned by our members – the people that use the service – we have only your interests at heart.

Specialisms: my day job makes me an expert on credit union regulation and legislation. I also have a strong best practice knowledge of leading credit unions in the UK and across the world.