Members Survey 2016 – The Results

Thanks so much for all those members who recently completed our survey, we have received a mighty 10% response from our members.

Congratulations to Stuart Wilkinson from St Ives who was our lucky winner of £100.00 of Co-operative vouchers for being the lucky member drawn from random from all surveys completed.

What exactly did you said about us?

  • Over 92% of members are satisfied with the credit union and less than 3% demonstrated any type of dissatisfaction.
  • Members overwhelmingly said that our loan service was: speedy, efficient, easy to understand and good value, however a few members said they were too complicated.
  • Over 93% of members agreed that our loan products meet their requirements.
  • Over 83% of members told us we were above average when it comes to value for money and 15% said we were average.
  • The survey revealed that we are easy to contact and available when our members need us most.
  • Members are very satisfied with the credit union employees and confirm we are convenient to use.

What can we learn?

Only a small percentage of members expressed any form of dissatisfaction, it demonstrates we are not perfect and feedback is vital. We are constantly looking at our member offering and the as technology becomes available there will be further enhancements.

In an attempt to further improve our service we aim to review our loan process, whilst still capturing sufficient information to make an informed decision about granting a loan; whilst additionally ensuring the process is not too long, tedious and annoying for the member.

We intend to continue maintaining the balance between serving our members appropriately on the one hand and ensuring that a solution is provided for members who are not just looking to borrow but also looking to save.

Credit in the right hands.

We will continue promoting an affordable, sensible and ethical option for borrowers, we would never encourage a member to borrow more than they can afford and we will always try to ensure any level of repayment remains affordable for our member.

We are eager to hear from our members, any suggestions, comments, likes, dislikes are welcome and therefore we are pleased to launch:-


Simply email and title your email ‘TELL US’ along with your comments. All comments and feedback will be reviewed regularly, it’s your opportunity to be heard and have a say in shaping the future of your Credit Union.

We are particularly keen to hear about ideas for meeting borrowing needs – if you have an idea or have seen an attractive product from someone else that we don’t offer, please TELL US.