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As a credit union we are here to help our members each and every day.  We don’t have any other reason to exist.  But this year, 23 years after we were founded, and after the strangest year most of us can remember, we thought it was a good time to reflect on how we help.

We have spent the last few months thinking about how we help our members today, and how we might do more to help you all in future, and we’ve got some ideas:

  • Campaigning for things that matter to our you

  • Becoming a leader in supporting our members and treating you fairly

  • Ensuring we remain focussed on our core mission of affordable credit and building savings habits

  • Delivering on the co-operative principles with a particular focus on education

Overall we want to do more to help provide financial education to our members and to do everything that we can to support the vulnerable among you in particular.

But we’re a co-op, we’re owned by you and so it’s only right that you should have your say on whether these are the right ideas for our future or if there are things we’re missing that you’d like to see us do.

Take part and have your say

 We want to hear what you think about what we do today and if you agree on where we should go next.

We’re The Co-op Credit Union, We Help People! At least we think so – tell us if you agree.

(Note: the prize draw is now closed, but you may still take the survey)

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