Reporting Back on our 2024 Online AGM

We were delighted to have so members joining us online on Thursday January 25th for our online Annual General Meeting (AGM).

A full recording of the session is available below, along with a round up of the meeting highlights, voting results and key information including a copy of our Annual Report.

Watch the full AGM video recording

• We were able to report back on another successful year’s trading despite the continued economic challenges of the cost of living crisis

* The board approved an annual dividend of 2%. We are pleased to have been able to offer an increase on last years dividend of 0.4% thanks to an adequate surplus in this years figures.

* The Graham Southall Award was jointly re-awarded to retired directors, Chris Smith and David Dickman

* We announced a new 5% interest account: ‘Silver Saver’- due to be launched on 1st February, which will reward regular savers with a guaranteed interest rate return on regular deposits made to the credit union during the period 1 February 2024 – 30 September 2024, subject to conditions. Members can deposit up to £250 each month and will receive 5% AER interest upon maturity at the end of the account period, provided no withdrawals are made. Further details will be made available to members soon.

We published our second Annual Report, shared both in advance of and during the meeting.

The report covers updates on project delivery and key impacts for the year 2022/23. Download a copy here.

Download copies of the meeting papers, accounts and voting results

AGM 2024 Meeting Papers

CFCU Accounts 2022 to 2023

Voting Results

If you have any follow up questions or comments in relation to the AGM, just get in touch in any of the usual ways.