Stuff you should know about: saving money

This week (8-12th November) is Talk Money Week – a national campaign led by the Money & Pensions Service to get us all talking about money. 

Here at The Co-op Credit Union we’ve taken up the challenge by launching our very own podcast series: Stuff you should know about money.  

You can listen here – and just because we’re good like that, we’ve also put gone and put the key points in an infographic at the bottom of the page.

Listen now to the Podcast

In this episode we talk to Antony Elliott, founder and former CEO of the Fairbanking Foundation – a charity dedicated to improving standards in banking. We explore how everyone can get saving – even those who’ve never been able to or who think they can’t – and in doing so build a buffer against unexpected costs with all sorts of benefits.   

The podcast aims to give you practical tips and guidance on how to get going with saving and to give yourself the best chance of success.  

Check out the infographic below and give the podcast a listen when you can – it’s available on all the streaming platforms like Spotify and Prime Music – just search Stuff you should know about money. Each episode is a bite sized 15 minutes or less helping you get to grips with money on the go. 

And don’t forget, if you do need some help getting going with saving, we’re here for you. If you’re not yet a member, why not join us today? You can find out more here.