Still Counting the Cost of Christmas in February?

Are you struggling with expensive APR’s on store or credit cards from Christmas? Many store and credit cards are charging APR’s in excess of 20%.

Many people struggle and fight to pay minimum repayments and never really reduce the outstanding balance. For the remainder of February The Co-operative Credit Union will have a special focus on members who want to clear store or credit cards – we offer competitive rates of interest on our loans. Please note that all loan applications will involve a credit check and are all subject to approval, however if your credit file isn’t perfect we will still consider a loan application for you.

Simply complete the loan application form on our website All applications are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

The Co-operative Credit Union is open to colleagues and members belonging to a wide range of co-operative organisations. You can save as little as £10 every payday, or month, ready for your next holiday or even next Christmas.