Usdaw members – join your credit union!

Did you know that as an Usdaw member, you can join The Co-op Credit Union?

Join thousands of people all over the UK already benefitting from affordable loans and savings.

We offer honest, fair and competitive rates on loans for any purpose, from holiday loans to car loans.

We’re also here if you need help with getting on top of debts – our consolidation loans have helped many members get back on track and save money on their repayments with other lenders.

With our Family Loan, you can borrow up to £1,000 using your Child Benefits for repayments. Even if you’ve struggled accessing credit in the past, you’re likely to be approved for our Family Loan and interest rates are competitive.

Why not join us today and see if we could save you money?

How you could benefit:

  • Loans available from £50 to £15,000 at competitive rates. Spread the cost of holidays, home improvements, a new car, household appliances or other expenses

  • For those who struggle to access credit, the Family Loan facility allows you to borrow up to £1,000 and use Child Benefit for repayments meaning interest rates can be kept competitive compared to other lenders.

  • Consolidate debts from credit cards, overdrafts or other lenders into one affordable monthly payment, potentially saving you money

  • Payments are taken by direct debit so you’ll never miss an instalment

  • No hidden fees or early resettlement penalties

  • Plus, you’ll build savings for a rainy day as you repay a loan

Membership is open to Usdaw members and gives access to a range of benefits all year round.

To join, simply click below to complete our joining form, which takes less than three minutes to complete.

How it works

• Because we’re a not-for-profit co-op, we’re able to pass on affordable loan rates to our members – quite simply, we’re run by members, for the benefit of our members
• You can take a look at example loan rates on our loans calculator
• In addition to loan repayments, all members must save a minimum of £10/month, taken by direct debit for Usdaw members.
• This means you build up savings even when you’re repaying a loan, and savings quickly mount up
• Note: all membership and loan applications are subject to approval.

The Co-op Credit Union uses an online service, which meets the requirements of anti-money laundering legislation, allowing us to verify the identity of new members. If you would rather not be checked electronically you can still send documentation. Please ask for details. If we cannot find out enough information about you, we reserve the right to ask for documentation.

Any Questions?

We’ve covered some of the key information in our webinar video below, or you can visit our FAQs page or get in touch with the team in any of the ways listed on our contact page.

Put up a poster and help us spread the word

Could you help us spread the benefits of Co-op Credit Union membership with your colleagues and fellow Usdaw members? Get in touch to request some free posters for your workplace.