Welcome to the Credit Union

The Phone Co-op are now signed up to use the services of The Co-operative Credit Union. The staff team are keen supporters of co-operative solutions and have joined with us here at the credit union. Chair of the credit union, David Dickman says, “I’ve been a personal customer of The Phone Co-op for years and I’m so pleased that we can now work with them as co-operative businesses”. He added, “The Phone Co-op is a telecommunications provider and offers broadband, phone and mobile services for residential and business customers. They are quite different  than other suppliers in that they are a co-operative – owned and run by people like us. We like them for lots of reasons: their honest and transparent pricing; the fact that you can become a member; their fair approach to employees; and the way they support community ventures. Welcome to The Phone Co-op!”

The Phone Co-op can be contacted via the following link: www.thephone.coop.

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