What good causes are close to your heart?

The credit union team are keen charity fundraisers as you may have gathered from our blog. We have run marathons, baked cakes and even dressed up as Sumo wrestlers to support a range of charities.

This year we are aiming higher and planning to skydive to raise money for two good causes. Our first good cause is the credit union movement itself as we want to raise funds to support development work being undertaken by the Co-operative Credit Union and the Credit Union Foundation.

We would like our members to choose our second fundraising theme. What charities and good causes are close to your heart? Are you concerned about health, homelessness, children, animal welfare or something completely different? Please let us know and we will pick a charity based on your responses. Once we have selected a charity we will then start fundraising for them.

To tell us what type of charity you would like us to support just email the credit union team at credit.union@co-operative.coop