Working with Lancaster University

The credit union is no different than any other business in that we must ensure that we remain relevant to our members. Relevance these days may mean survival; ask the makers of 35mm film if they were surprised by the take-up of mobile phones with cameras incorporated? Did Blockbuster Video Stores see the take off Netflix coming? Many more innovations are happening everyday and the pace of change is both ferocious and relentless. Words that have become part of everyday usage have only happened in the last 5 years, or less; PayPal, App, iPad, iPhone even selfies! The team here at the credit union have asked Professor Gordon Blair, the Director of the Digital Innovation Centre at Lancaster University to visit us in Manchester and advise us as we develop our digital strategy. Gordon Blair has an international reputation in his field and his department works with big players like AT&T, BBC, BT, Clifford Chance, CSMTC, HP Labs, Knowledge Partners, Microsoft, Mott MacDonald, O2 and Sony, in addition to work with small and medium enterprises in the area around Lancaster. We are thrilled to be working with him.

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Credit Union Chairperson David Dickman, with Director Tony Britten seen here with Prof Gordon Blair and credit union CEO, Linda Edwards.